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Ben Crosland Quintet. Solway Stories



Ben Crosland (new album ‘Solway Stories’)
By londonjazz on 25 May 2021

jazzwiseBass guitarist/bandleader Ben Crosland’s new album Solway Stories, recorded in the lockdown window in September 2020, is ‘a very personal record ‘, ‘an homage to a beautiful border landscape, and to pivotal relationships it evokes for the composer’. Feature by John Fordham

John Fordham writes: Across three fruitful decades playing his own laid-back mix of bebop, jazz-rock, pop hooks and swing, the Huddersfield composer, bass guitarist and bandleader Ben Crosland has been steadily rubbing home the message that you don’t have to be a Londoner to make an enduring mark on the UK jazz scene, or turn up the volume to flag up excitement, or follow fashionable notions of what cultural references are in or out. Read More


Dinner Jazz with Mark Walker on Jazz FM. 14th July 2021.

'Beeswing' from 'Solway Stories'.



' BBC Radio 3 Jazz Record Requests with Alyn Shipton. 1st August 2021. Cross Border Blues from Solway Stories.'